Head of department Yevgeny Nikolaevich Shevchenko, Cand. Sc. (Tech.)
Phone: + 38-071-398-36-98

e-mail: shen_don@mail.ru

Rewarded with:

- Honorary badge “Miner’s Glory” of the III degree (2004);
– Diploma of Merit of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine and the Central Committee of the NAS of Ukraine Trade Union in honor of the 80th anniversary of the Institute (2009);
– Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Coal and Energy of the Donetsk People's Republic in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Miner's Day (2017).

Shevchenko Evgeny Nikolaevich is the leading expert in the field of mine surveying and hydro-geo-mechanical studies, including the consequences of flooding of mines. The main direction of scientific activity is the study of rock mass and ground surface movement under the flooding of mines.

Main Areas of Activities

 Hydrogeomechanical Survey and Protection of Subsurface Resources Department is engaged in the implementation of scientific-research and scientific and technical developments in the field of fundamental and applied sciences. The main activities of the department are:

- Analysis and study of the consequences of flooding of mine workings; organization and conduct of hydrogeomechanical monitoring of geological environment; working out hydrogeomechanical predictions to determine the safe level of flooding and relevant recommendations under the abandonment of mines by "wet" conservation;

– Justification of parameters for stability and filtration of water through water-bearing rocks of safety pillars; definition of the boundaries of zones prone to inburst of water in working excavations and in conditions of flooding of the worked coal face;

– Making plans for boundaries of hazardous areas and working out expert findings for operations in these areas;

– Calculation of ground surface movement and deformation upon activation of the process of movement in the flooding of mine workings abandoned by "wet" conservation;

– Prediction of the impact of mine abandonment on rock movement and the impact of these processes on the surface;

– Research and working out expert findings for construction of facilities in complex geological conditions;

– Working out reference documents for mine surveying, geodetic survey and hydrogeological survey;

– Execution of geodetic and mine surveying using modern equipment;

– Making expert findings on issues related to scientific and technical areas of the department;

– Patent and inventive activity.

Research and Practical Activities of the Department

The results of research and practical activities of the department are widely used in mining, construction and other interested enterprises of the DPR, LPR and the Russian Federation.

The Department has made and provided:

– 57 flooding projects;

– 9 hydro-geo-mechanical predictions;

– 8 calculations for the safe flooding level;

– about 120 expert findings and recommendations;

– 9 interdisciplinary works on hydro-geo-mechanical monitoring for mines in the Central district of Donbass, Soviet district of Makeyevka, Torez-Snezhnoye and Kirovskoye-Shakhtyorsk areas and also for M. Gorky Mine section;

– 2 reference documents have been developed.

The History of the Department