Alexander Alexandrovich Glukhov, D.Sc. (Tech.), Head of department

Phone: +38 (062) 348-16-45, +38 (062) 348-16-53


Laureate of S. I. Subbotin Prize of the NAS of Ukraine

Rewarded with:

- Honorary badges “Miner’s Glory” of the II and III degree
- Diploma of Merit of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine and the Central Committee of the NAS of Ukraine Trade Union
- L. I. Lutugin medal
- Distinction “For Scientific Achievements» of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine

A. A. Glukhov is an expert in mining geophysics, engineering geophysical survey and computer technology. His scientific thematic priorities are: mathematical modeling of seismic wave propagation using methods of seismic exploration in mine, creation of geographic information systems (GIS) and their integration into the processes for solving problems of in-mine geophysics (in particular, of seismic survey).

Scientific fields:

- Creation of geographic information systems for coal mining industry;

- Development of software for automation of geological surveying;

- Development of software for modeling and analysis of geophysical fields;

- Development of methods and software for processing the results of field geophysical explorations.

Currently, the department is busy with:

- Development and improvement of infoware methods for mining companies;

- Development of methods for seismic prediction of coal seam faulting, taking into account the stress-strain state and properties of coal-rock mass;

- Development of software for processing the results of field geophysical experiments.

Awards & Achievements

More than 50 e-mine plans and site plans have been generated and handed over to mines associated with “Oktyabrugol”, “Shahterskantratsit” amalgamations and other coal-producers. E-geological maps of a number of mineral deposits of Ukraine have been generated.

A series of software products for solving problems of mining geophysics, as well as for geological and surveying services of coal industry of Ukraine have been developed and protected by copyright certificates.

Geo-information system “Geomark” and software applications related to coal mine safety and reduction of man-made consequences of coal mining have been created. The system was repeatedly (2005-2007) exhibited and marked with diplomas at the International Exhibition of Modern Computer Technologies CeBit (Hanover, Germany).

The technique of in-mine seismic prediction of coal seam geologic faults based on the analysis of diffraction fields is developed.


The Department of computer technologies (OCT) was founded in 2000 on the basis of the laboratory of mathematical modeling and software development (LMM and RPO). Since the foundation of LMM and RPO its main activity is research in the field of development of methods of mathematical modeling and analysis of geophysical fields, digitization of coal mining companies, as well as development of software for solving problems of geophysics, geology and mine surveying.

From 1992 to 2008 a number of software packages were developed for modeling and analysis of geophysical field characteristics, as well as for processing and interpretation of geophysical research results.

Since 1996, work has been underway to convert graphic materials and other documentation of existing and closing coal enterprises into electronic form.

Since 2000, a number of software tools have been developed to solve various production problems at coal mining enterprises, including all-service geo-information system “Geomark”.