Republican Academic R&D Institute of Mining Geology, Geomechanics, Geophysics and Mine Surveying (RANIMI)


  • Research into generation and evolution of ground stress, deformation and gasdynamic state to assure efficient and safe development of mineral deposits
  • Research into rock mass and surface deformations, the impact of mine subsidence on underground and surface structures and planning measures for their protection
  • Research into lithosphere structure and geodynamics with the help of geological and geophysical techniques for exploration of mineral deposits and prediction of mining and geological conditions of their development and ecological changes of environment
  • Maintaining stability of the whole sequence of mine workings
  • Prediction and prevention of rock bumps and gasdynamic effects
  • Protection of buildings and structures at undermining areas
  • Hydro-geo-mechanical study of rock mass
  • Prediction of mining and geological conditions for the development of coal deposits
  • Ensuring environmental safety of mining regions
  • Engineering geological and geophysical survey in planning and building economic, industrial and accommodation facilities
  • Monitoring of the geological environment and prospecting for mineral deposits


The Institute has 1 Corresponding Member, 10 Doctors of Science and more than 20 Candidates of Science (PhD). 7 employees of the Institute are recipients of the State Prize in Science and Technology, and 5 persons are awarded with academic and governmental awards.

The results of the Institute's research are embodied in 20 monographs and upward of 6,000 recommendations and expert findings that regulate coal mining practice and have allowed re-starting of more than 300 million
tons of coal reserves.

More than 150 regulatory documents relating the best possible and safe mining operation, providing industrial and environmental safety have been developed.

The Institute holds more than 400 patents for inventions and useful models.

RANIMI is a multi-discipline scientific institution with established schools in the areas of fundamental disciplines and state-of-the-art technologies. The Institute has developed two scientific schools: Geomechanics and Mining Geophysics. It has Dissertation Committee and PG Courses 25.00.20 Geomechanics, Rock Failure, Mining Aerogasdynamics and Mining Thermophysics and 25.00.22 Geotechnology (Underground, Open and Building). The Institute publishes specialized collection of scientific papers Transactions of RANIMI.

Address:  Chelyuskintsev str., 291, Donetsk, DPR, 83 004

     Phone:   +38 (062) 300-27-90; +38 (062) 300-27-91 (reception room)